Professional Development

Training on Purpose

On-site & E-Learning for Teacher & Staff Development

Purpose Prep’s Professional Development (PD) program prepares teachers to integrate social-emotional learning in their classrooms. Our program is based on years of research, best practices, and curriculum strategy. Positive systemic change happens within the classroom, school, and district. Through engaging instruction, Purpose Prep empowers staff and leadership to facilitate SEL. All staff—teachers, counselors, social workers, behavior interventionists, psychologists, and school and district leadership—can benefit from our Professional Development Programs. We’ve carefully designed successful support systems for districts, schools, classrooms, and students to drive implementation, adoption, delivery, and program impact.

Purpose Prep Delivers 45+ Professional Development Trainings

With over 45+ unique trainings, our Purpose Professional Development Program covers five main categories:

  • Initial Product Training: To ensure your SEL program’s efficacy, these required sessions set you up for success and launch your program.
    • 6-12th Transformation Suite Curriculum Training and Implementation Planning
    • Youth Mental Health Offering Training and Implementation Planning
    • K-5 Purpose Pathways Curriculum Training and Implementation Planning
    • Intervention on Purpose Training and Implementation Planning
    • Educator Purpose Prep Certification
    • Erin’s Law Training and Implementation Planning
  • Whole Human Training: 15 specialized services and support trainings that we offer to help teachers and staff positively impact young learners’ lives:
    • 12 Pillars of Purpose
    • Evaluating School Climate and Culture
    • The Purpose Prep Lighthouse School Certification Training
    • The Purpose Prep Lighthouse School Certification Approval Presentation
    • Purpose Prep’s Theory Classification of Emotions
    • Restorative Justice, Instruction, & Practice Training
    • Suicide Prevention and Awareness Training
    • Social Worker, Counselor, & Therapist Mental Health Training
    • Intervention & Prevention Training
    • Staff Mental Health & ACE’s Score Training
    • Behavioral Transformation Training: Escalation, De-escalation, & Neutral Responses
    • Trauma Informed Instruction & Practice Training
    • How Learning Has Evolved: Brain & Neuroscience Development
    • Social-Emotional Learning Informational Webinar
    • Teacher Routines and Facilitation Training
  • Impact Sessions: These PD offerings drive success through student launch & pep rallies, including full presence and activation on-site, and focused student engagement.
    • Introductory Student Launch, Pep Rally, or Orientation
    • Values and Purpose Journey
    • Reconciliation & Forgiveness
    • Framing Your Life
    • Success vs. Significance
    • The Decision-Making Chart
    • The Dream Cycle
  • Community Development: Eight parent, caregiver, and community training sessions to involve the community and prepare them to deliver critical support for learners.
    • Introductory Parent, Caregiver & Community Session
    • 33 Ways to Self-Evaluate
    • Architect Your Vision
    • Occupational Convergence
    • Building a Culture
    • Five-Minute Connect
    • The Inner Competition
  • Ongoing Support: 11 trainings for implementation monitoring, support, and program review:
    • Program Customization Session
    • User Supper
    • Site Visits & Support
    • Theme-Focused Professional Learning Series
    • District Check-In
    • Teacher & Student Check-In
    • On-Going Implementation Support & Data Review
    • Mid-Year Review and User Support
    • Re-Purpose and Prepare for the Next Year

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Purpose Prep Speaking Bureau

Experienced national and global expert coaches, strategists, and consultants to bring Purpose, transformation, and hope into your culture and school system. Our team can support your professional development requirements for custom training, events, conferences, and all strategic initiatives. Please click below or contact Purpose Prep to request a speaker.

How to Get Started

All trainings can be delivered in two ways, depending on your preferred level of support.

Onsite Professional Development

  • 3-6 hours PD training per day, split into two sessions with unique topics, interactive activities, and experiences relevant to your SEL program and implementation preferences.

Webinar PD/Training

  • 1 to 2-hour webinar PD training per day, focused on practical training to deliver SEL content, customize your program, strategize to achieve objectives, and utilize our LMS platform

Professional Development Funding Options

Purpose Prep’s SEL, mental health and whole human Professional Development for adults and educators may be funded under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Title II – Supporting Effective Instruction through Recruiting, Preparing, and Training Educators.

Under Title II, schools may receive SEL funding that supports the preparation, training, and recruitment of educators at all levels of the school system. For more detailed funding information, please reach out to us with questions and/or request our Purpose Prep Funding Guide document!

More SEL Curriculum for Individual Educational Leaders, Staff, & Adults

The Purpose Workbook

The Purpose Workbook is an educator and/or adult step-by-step guide for creating goals, unlocking your full potential, and building a life plan, all while increasing personal social-emotional skills and competencies. The workbook is a great tool for increasing accountability, self-reflection, and empowerment. It can be purchased as a stand-alone resource or used as a supplement to other Purpose Prep offerings. 

Purchase HerePurchase Here

The Purpose Workbook

Pioneer Purpose is a dynamic and one-of-a-kind SEL certification program that teaches you to become a Purpose Coach Facilitator and Master SEL Trainer. Through engaging instruction, you will deepen your relationships, personal peace, business, family, and mental and emotional health. Most importantly, it will help you engage others in cultivating their Purpose. This program covers 3 levels and includes in-depth content areas, supporting adults in their personal and professional SEL development.

Learn MoreLearn More

Discover Purpose Prep’s Additional SEL Curriculum

Purpose Prep offers hundreds of hours of additional instructional curriculum for social emotional learning. Please view our other offerings below and contact us with any questions.

  • Elementary SEL Curriculum: Purpose Pathways PreK-2 and Grades 3-5 SEL program, K-5 New York Alignments, K-5 Florida Youth Mental Health Courses, and other K-5 state-specific mandates
  • Middle School Grades 6-8 SEL Curriculum: View Purpose Prep’s 1,000+ hours of core SEL instruction, focusing on advanced emotions
  • High School Grades 9-12 SEL Curriculum: View Purpose Prep’s 1,000+ hours of core SEL instruction, focusing on complex emotions
  • Intervention on Purpose Library: 235 hours of targeted mini-courses for intervention and prevention instruction perfect for In-School Suspension (ISS), Out-of-School Suspension (OSS), and Alternative Education. Our 63+ topical interventions include Suicide Prevention & Education, Substance Abuse, Vaping & JUULing, and Restorative Practices, and more.
  • Staying Safe K-12: Grade-level courses aligned to SEL competencies and contains instruction on the five Erin’s Law Safety Rules and five Protection Concepts
  • Youth Mental Health: Hundreds of lessons in our CASEL and state-aligned mental health curriculum for grades K-12
  • Professional Development: 45+ Professional Development trainings from program design and launch, to staff and student support, and program optimization
  • Pioneer Purpose: Adult SEL Certification Training Program for educational leaders, staff, teachers, and adults
  • Coming Fall 2020, three new courses: Climate & Culture Transformation, Restorative Practices & Principles, and Parenting on Purpose