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During times like this, we have unparalleled uncertainty, a lack of security in our systems and structures, and we’ve lost our routines. Travel is suspended, schools are closing down, workplaces enforce changes, restrictions, layoffs and many businesses run a risk of continuing to operate. With all of this happening and during any time of crisis, it is most important to recenter and restructure our lives. It’s crucial to develop a clear foundation and new set of healthy and positive routines.

Our minds can run tirelessly, playing through the dooms day scenarios of “what if,” yet very seldom does this support a healthy mental state. Scrolling through social media or even Google can be more destructive than uplifting while we search to educate ourselves on how to prepare and embrace the COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus.

Purpose Prep is focused on supporting the health, security, and purpose of our global learners, teachers, staff and schools. Many families will be displaced from their ordinary schedules. This truly is an opportunity to support each other during this time. We wrote this blog in response to so many parents and educators we support to continue to help families and schools develop healthy coping skills to any negative feelings and brave the weather of the Coronavirus in a healthy social and emotional way.

Purpose Prep has developed countless topics around anxiety, depression, hope, perseverance, stress, going through loss, trauma and breaking through negative thinking, just to name a few. Our video based curriculum taught by experts has brought hope and practical change to so many, and we wanted to respond with more help to our communities, students, families and schools. During this time, if there is anything we can do to support you or your family, school or community please message us at and place a comment below and share your situation and how our curriculum can support mental health.

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In the meantime, please see the videos below for parents, community leaders, and educators to utilize while supporting the closing down of schools and how to support our young learners during this uncertain time. We have broken them into three categories: Middle School, High School and Parents, Caregivers and Adults.  If the videos are valuable and helpful for those you know, please share them with friends, family, coworkers, or those you believe they can help. Purpose Prep developed several videos now being edited to be released as soon as possible to support with more content that will be slowly launched through our e-newsletter and on this site as well as our social media platforms so please subscribe and stay tuned.

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As you watch the videos below please make sure to utilize the content topics as a way to dialog with those close with you. Discuss with someone and ask questions or share perspectives on how these videos have helped you think through the current events and the feelings you have from the recent updates. Share what you are learning how they help you while process the Coronavirus outbreak.

K-2nd Grade – Elementary School Videos

Talk to Someone About Your Fears – Isaiah

Talk to Someone About Your Fears

  1. Is there anything in particular about the Coronavirus that is making you feel scared or afraid?
  2. What are some happy thoughts you can use to remind yourself to stay calm and positive? What activities can you do during the day to make you feel happy? 


3-5th Grade – Elementary School Videos

What To Do When You’re Afraid – Landon

What to Do When You’re Afraid

  1. How are you feeling about everything going on? Is there anything you want to talk about, or need advice on?
  2. Do you feel afraid or anxious? Although it’s okay to be afraid, how can we not let the fear of the situation consume us?


6-8th Grade – Middle School Videos

Family Challenges – Depression & Anxiety – Magaen Harris

Discussion Questions to Use With a Close Friend or Family Member:

  1. While learning about the Coronavirus, do you get anxious or have feelings of anxiety? Why and what are you worried or nervous about?
  2. Who can you talk to about your anxiety, sad feelings, or depression stemming from the current global pandemic?

Coping Strategies – Trauma & Behavior – Amanda Brown

Discussion Questions to Use With a Close Friend or Family Member:

  1. How has the Coronavirus impacted your behavior, thinking, or living, and how can you center yourself with a more positive outlook?
  2. Has the Coronavirus given you stress, anxiety, or felt like a level of trauma that has impacted your mood or behavior? Who can you speak with to support open dialog and allow you to decompress and process your thoughts?

9-12th Grade – High School Videos

Choosing Purpose – Manage Stress – Chris Lambert

Discussion Questions to Use With a Close Friend or Family Member:

  1. How has the Coronavirus impacted your levels of stress, and what can you do to stay healthy and thinking positively?
  2. How can you support others that are feeling stressed or negative feelings about the Coronovirus? How can society be stronger together, even while isolated?

Frame Your World – Choosing Between Two Realities – Dr. Sean Holland

Discussion Questions to Use With a Close Friend or Family Member:

  1. During this time of extreme uncertainty, how can you choose and maintain a more positive outlook and perspective?
  2. What are you grateful for, and how can you continue to choose gratitude over the reality of the situation regarding the Coronavirus?

Coronavirus – Staying Grounded During Uncertainty – Daniel Budzinski

Discussion Questions to Use With a Close Friend or Family Member:

  1. How can you be more careful about what you watch, read, or post on social media during this time while the Coronavirus continues to spread, grow, and change?
  2. How can I make an impact in the world by providing others with encouragement, yet still support them with the inevitable feelings that will arise from the Coronavirus pandemic? 

Parents, Caregivers and Adults:

 Coronavirus – Talking to Our Loved Ones & Building a Connection – Daniel Budzinski

Discussion Questions to Use With a Close Friend or Family Member:

  1. What are two questions that I can ask my family or young ones to show my support for their needs and emotions during this time?
  2. The feelings and circumstances that have generated as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak include more than just emotional stress, uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. Social isolation and possible financial concerns add entirely different factors to our ability to maintain mental stability. How can I better support myself and my loved ones in all areas present during this time?

Coronavirus – Engaging In Meaningful Activities While Change Occurs – Daniel Budzinski

Discussion Questions To Use With A Close Friend or Family Member:

  1. What are a few meaningful things I can do during the day to stay grounded in positive activities, even though my normal schedule is different as a result of the Coronavirus?
  2. How can I help make this time off from real-life more meaningful for myself and my loved ones? What is one or two new things that you or your family could leave this experience with, that you would not have had otherwise?

Parenting on Purpose – When Dealing with Sickness – Karen Budzinski

  1. How can I influence my family to remain joyful through the uncertainty of the Coronavirus outbreak? What are my at-home ingredients available to help make each day the best day possible, for both myself and my family?
  2. How am I allowing myself some flexibility in my mental peace? Is this a time you need to have everything figured out and under control? How can I remember to take a deep breath, and accept that I am not feeling my normal self?

Parenting on Purpose – Coping with Illnesses and Broken Routines – Karen Budzinski

  1. Are you working to maintain a schedule in your life or household during this time? If not, how would one look if you did? If you have kids, how can you keep them in a routine? If you don’t have kids, how can you create one for yourself?
  2. What does, “You are going to be able to get through everything you HAVE to get through, but you’re not going to be able to get through everything you IMAGINE you will have to get through,” mean from the video? How does this apply to you in regards to the Coronavirus outbreak?

Parenting on Purpose – Preparing for the Unexpected – Karen Budzinski

  1. Where is your focus at during the day? Do you tend to read the news consistently, or make your decisions based on fear? How can you keep yourself in the right perspective so that you can operate correctly during the day?
  2. How are you balancing fear and wisdom? Are you operating primarily on one over the other? Are you taking precautions seriously, yet maintaining your inner peace, despite the chaos?


To learn more Purpose Prep’s curriculum and how it can help you during Coronavirus and beyond, please click here and contact us with any questions. We wish you the very best in health and happiness, and we send you our love and strength. Thank you.

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