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Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and philanthropist based in Los Angeles, California. Pulier has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for ventures he has founded or co-founded. He began programming computers in just fourth grade and started a database computer company while in high school. He obtained his English and American Literature degree from Harvard University, worked as an editor (and even wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson), and took classes at neighboring school MIT. He has one of the most innovative minds and works to make a massive difference in the major industries of the world.

Shannon Ashford

Shannon is passionate about helping young people find their purposes while in college. She works as the Student Coordinator at the California State University, Northridge’s office of Student Involvement and Development, where she directs students through career services and helps guide them along their paths to define and finish their majors. She believes in the achievement of the greatest potential possible for all people, and is excited to use her influence on individuals around the globe.

Rick Schirmer

Rick is a pioneer of viral and influencer marketing. He began his career at Disney/Pixar in their Corporate Alliance, Brand Strategy and Motion Picture Marketing groups. He left this role to launch over 200 campaigns and viral brand programs in over 12 countries for entertainment brands such as Universal Pictures, Lionsgate, NBC, ABC, and consumer brands Chick-fil-A, Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and more. Rick completed his master’s at Oxford University (Global Enterprise Management) and Pepperdine University (MBA).

Tony Dunn

Tony is an avidly sought-out speaker and a high-capacity influence coach. He has extensive international travel experience and is leading some of the largest and most dynamic community movements around the world.

Alex Capecelatro

Alex is deeply passionate about the intersection of design and technology. After working on nanotechnology and bioengineering projects for the Naval Research Lab, Harvard University, Sandia National Lab, NASA, and UCLA, Alex consulted for the X Prize Foundation and Aerogel Technologies. In 2011, Alex started Hyphos Inc., a software company based in Los Angeles, California. His first product, At the Pool, has been featured in Forbes, LA Times, and Fast Company, and boasts members in over 120 countries.

Rachel McCord

Rachel is a self-made entrepreneur, model, talk show host and speaker. She is the founder of The McCord List of Fabulous Ish, a fashion and lifestyle blog. The McCord List community consists of some of the most influential women in media and has a collective reach of one billion people. She has been recognized by US Weekly, InTouch, OK, L.A. Confidential, Extra, Glamour, ABC News, UK Vogue, Hollyscoop, Perez Hilton, Forbes, DailyMail, and CNN for her work, and regularly speaks to young people in at-risk camps and shelters. She is always evolving and pushing the limits to become the greatest version of herself.

Alyssa Garcia

Alyssa is a digital and social media marketing and strategy professional in Los Angeles, California. She carries over 12 years of impressive experience working in new media, content creation, campaign planning and product development. She is currently working at Facebook in Music Business Development and Partnerships, and has held previous leadership roles at Disney, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. She is a passionate and great leader in everything she does and has managed many different teams, excelling in all of them.

Katrina Gorospe

Katrina is a passionate young woman that is actively involved in community service, leading those younger than her and learning her path in life. She is excited to share the importance of purpose with others and the knowledge that she has gained throughout her journey.

Lior Elazary

Lior is the creator of inVia Robotics and has more than twenty years of leadership and business experience. Over this time, he has directed and guided business teams – developing everything from back-office systems to the core technologies of the business. As a serial entrepreneur, Lior has completed several large successful exits, including HostPro (now He was and has been the founder and CEO of many ventures, and holds his master’s and is working to earn his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Intelligent Robotics from the University of Southern California. He is a leader in robotics and pioneers the new age of computers for all.

Chad Billmyer

Chad Billmyer is the cofounder of Panjo, a marketplace catering to the needs of auto, sport, and hobby enthusiasts. He also led the interactive marketing arm of, which involved the oversight of sales, solution-selling training, product development, customer support, marketing, and strategic planning for He was also involved in similar endeavors for, an education- planning website with an annual audience of over six million.

Zack James

Zack James is the founder and CEO of Animeme Studios - a digital animation studio with over two billion views and ten billion fans across social media. Zack began as a YouTuber in 2009 where he quickly made a successful living. In 2013, Zack removed his original videos in protest to larger companies taking advantage of creators. He went on to create Animeme Studios with other independent animators and creators - where they built viral hits, cracked algorithm codes, and won many awards and recognitions. Zack is a man of compassion, drive and purpose, who's constantly building something that millions love. He learned the power of purpose and personal motivation as a young child through traveling the world with autism and discovering how to use it to his advantage.

Pamela Farris

Pamela has over twenty years of experience within the public education system in America. She has worked as a Chief Academic Officer and leader for some of the largest Charter School Networks within Detroit, Michigan. One of them served over 4,000 students. She is a thought leader, analyst, and serves on many boards bringing change and growth to students everywhere. She believes deeply in being a lifelong learner and has been the principal for many different elementary and high schools throughout her career. One of her greatest passions is helping others discover the purpose of their life.

Jared Davis

Jared is the principal of a thriving high school in Detroit, Michigan, and has worked within the education field for over a decade. He is experienced and wise, ambitious, and optimistic. He seeks to be part of the change that will thrust public education into the global forefront and make a difference in the lives of millions of young students.

Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey

Cassandra was a former marketing consultant and fashion entrepreneur before launching her own beauty business, Violet Grey. Today, it includes a gorgeous online magazine called The Violet Files, a super curated e-commerce site, and beautiful boutique. She is a CEO and celebrity that has been very successful during her professional career. Cassandra has 140,000 followers on one of her social accounts and has worked with many top names in pop culture, such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Eva Mendes and Kim Kardashian and many others.

Rhoda Nazanin

Rhoda is a passionate and energetic media director. She taught herself all of the Adobe Suite products on her own, all while founding her own media company, procuring customers, submitting invoices, and leading her life. She now works as an operations coordinator and has a history in roles as a Media Director, executive assistant, and co-owner of a business.

Mikaiella Jones

As a child, Mikaiella always had a passion for creating and expressing herself. Growing older, she has followed her innate instincts and been able to experience many different forms of creativity outlets through her photography, dance and art ventures. Over the last five years, she has primarily been dedicated to her photography career, and has so far shot photos of many models and well-known public figures. She is an example of leading a life created out of what you love doing and staying true to yourself and your happiness.

Danniebelle Cagas

Danniebelle is passionate about helping young people find purpose and has done so in many different areas. She has a professional background of teaching music. She has an extensive history of managing and running communications within and outside many organizational settings, such as curriculum planning, youth camps, and many different events. She now lives in California with her beautiful family.

Amanda Latifi

Amanda is an experienced coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in non-profit organizations and the management industry. Skilled in Trauma Therapy, Operations Management, Crisis Intervention, and Fundraising, she found her passion of helping others at a young age working in AmeriCorps in New York City. She strives for bringing real change to people’s lives by providing them with the strategies needed for redirection and healing. She collaborates with schools and Juvenile Judicial Courts to bring social justice, therapy, and development to young people suffering from trauma and mental illness.

Bryan Kocol

Bryan is the founder of many different ventures and the cofounder and CTO of Enroll Hero, a company that serves to help individuals choose the best healthcare plan. He has a proven track record of creating an environment that yields happiness and success and is passionate about technology and agile software development. He has won impressive awards in his field, led many company teams, and even holds a patent.

Sameer Mirza

Sameer is a leading developer for Fox Network Group. He is skilled and experienced in Software Architecture, Web Application Development, Desktop Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Technical Specification Writing, and Team Management. He has created and been a part of massive projects that have had a global impact and millions of users have been impacted by his development. He is passionate about helping others and inspiring young people to discover their purpose.

LaKeesha Hines

LaKeesha Hines obtained her Master’s Degree in School Counseling and Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Argosy University (Tampa, FL). Her background includes serving as a coach, trainer, liaison, and instructor professionally. LaKeesha is an adjunct instructor at a local college, on-site and virtually, teaching psychology coursework. Previously, she worked as a Parent Liaison for the School District of Hillsborough County. In this role, she resolved a variety of issues and concerns from parents regarding the academic success of their children with disabilities. Additionally, she served as a liaison between parents and school by conferring with District personnel, providing and interpreting information about school procedures and instructional programs, coaching parents to become effective supporters for their children, and facilitating and participating in training efforts. LaKeesha Hines is an author who has self-published two books, a wife, and mom of four. She resides in Valrico, FL.

Gary Budzinski

Gary has founded and led as the President or in a top five executive position of many global companies. He is an accomplished Senior Executive with broad financial accountability in multiple technologies, such as: business process, software development and technology outsourcing, next-generation cloud-based solutions, support, and consulting. With experience in over a hundred countries and cultures, Gary has led billion-dollar Fortune 25 companies through restructure and expansive growth, all while managing hundreds of thousands of employees.

Ian Wagner

Ian is a top sales performer and leader. Ian has experience in the advertising industry, serving in Major Accounts District Manager, Project Management and Account Executive roles along the way. In his current role, Ian consults with very high-up members of companies to strategically improve their business strategies, while also improving company culture. He is very philanthropically driven and allocates time every year to lead teams of volunteers overseas.

Elijah Thomas

Elijah is a man dedicated to servicing and protecting others. He has worked at multiple international borders, been deployed overseas during the Iraq war as a soldier, and now serves as a police officer in Michigan. He has had a successful career in many roles and has continued to serve the United States of America his entire working life. As of late, he has moved into the business sector and is working in a top management position while also continuing to advance his law enforcement career.

Lela Dennis

Lela possesses over twenty years of experience in Organizational Management in various industries, such as: healthcare, education, banking, payroll, and telecommunications. She works with team building, organizational design and effectiveness, management development, leadership, organizational and group dynamics, motivation theory, strategies, and business planning.

Jesse Budzinski

Jesse has been a top performer and sales leader in some of the largest Enterprise Solution companies in the world. He has formulated and implemented goals and corporate strategies for Fortune 100 companies and provided independent advice to clients under management guidance. Jesse has experience in multiple industries, including technology, manufacturing, consumer, and financial.

Rich Beckman

Rich Beckman is a national leader that is passionate about leadership and helping build teams to reach their highest potential. As the CEO of Great Expressions Dental Centers, he grew the company from 21 establishments in three states, to over 260 establishments across ten states. They treat over 150,000 patients each month, and are enjoying their sixth year as an Inc. 5,000 company. He has experience as a Chief Executive Officer and a Consultant of many different retail health consulting firms. He has worked hard his entire life to serve as an example for younger generations that you can achieve anything you want, as long as you set your mind to it.

Frank Casale

Frank is passionate about artificial intelligence and its influence in changing the world. He is a well-known industry trendsetter, as well as the founder of the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and the Outsourcing Institute. This is a global community and marketplace of more than 70,000 members, including leading practitioners, service providers, advisors, thought leaders, industry observers, and analysts. He has authored numerous articles and serves as a regular commentator on Artificial Intelligence for the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, FORTUNE Magazine and The New York Times.

DG Elmore

DG has maneuvered and managed the team responsible for the annual budget of $100,000,000 for the nonprofit The Navigators. He has over 25 years of experience co-founding, leading, and acquiring multiple businesses in various industries. He has companies that span across travel, software, manufacturing, food, technology, medical, professional sports and staffing industries. The Elmore Companies has invested $30 million and raised over $15 million in capital. Mr. Elmore received a BBA from Southern Methodist University, an M.B.A. from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University, and a law degree from the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University.

Professor Mark Colgate

Mark is an expert on employee coaching techniques, Professor of Service Excellance at the University of Victoria, and the author of two published books. He is known as many studends’ favorite professor and works to inspire students and guide the school and university’s brand, culture, and growth. He has taught around the world, including China, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. He has received two university-wide Teaching Excellence awards and has been featured in the Times Colonist, CTV News, and Globe and Mail.

Richard Klein

Richard graduated from Michigan State University and was the former President and CEO of TIP Interactive. TIP Interactive created web-enabled solutions for company training and performance for managers and sales people. He later sold the business after ten years of success. He is now on board with Accretive Solutions, a firm near $100 million in yearly revenue, and works with senior executives and Fortune 500 companies on strategic communications, development of curriculum for global training, and sales and marketing.

Ryan Emmons

Ryan grew up traveling between California and the island of Hawaii. At 22 years old, he created a company called Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water®, which quickly became one of the most awarded and fastest-growing premium beverages in the United States. He has been featured by Forbes, Environmental Leader, Fortune, Food Navigator and Good Morning America for his innovation. He has also been named “Top 10 Most Disruptive Leaders” in his industry by Beverage World Magazine.

Katie Ferrell

Katie is the founder of Dashing Dish, a healthy lifestyle website and recipe subscription service designed to nourish readers’ minds, bodies, and souls. She has packaged, customized and created over 800+ healthy recipes and 50+ workouts to inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle. She is also a registered nurse, author, blogger, and mother. Thousands of people have joined her community to capture all of life’s opportunities. Her social platforms have hundreds of thousands of followers, and lives to provide others with the information and inspiration needed to create a healthy balance in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives.

Dr. Ivan Misner

Ivan is the leading expert in business networking and referral marketing. He's the founder of BNI with over 194,000 members, 7,300 chapters in 65 countries. BNI has generated 7.3 billion referrals, resulting in $9,300,000,000 worth of business for its members. He has been featured in the New York Times, the L.A. Times, the Wall Street Hournal, CNN and MSNBC. Forbes Magazine even named him “One of the Top Networkers to Follow.” He has published 21 books and is a New York Times Best Author, a past recipient of the Red Cross “Humanitarian of the Year” award, and the John C. Maxwell Leadership Award.

Malini Saba

Malini moved to the United States from Australia at the age of 19 and with only $200 to her name. She is a self-made businesswoman and philanthropist, who embodies the concept of using business to serve humanity. She helps underserved women and children in South and Southeast Asia, South America, and the U.S. gain access to life-saving medical and educational services and achieve economic stability. She also works as Chairman of Saba Industries, which donates 50% of its profits to social change. She has had many successful ventures in investment, pledged $10 million to tsunami victims in India and Sri Lanka, and donated $1 million to help start the world’s first Heart Research Center for South Asians.

Danny Silk

Danny is an expert and legend in the art of love, connection, honor and relationships. His Facebook page has reached over seven million people so far. He’s the President and founder of Loving On Purpose and Life Academy. Loving on Purpose coaches people find their path to relational success and has helped people worldwide. His podcast channel brings in over five thousand listeners per episode. He's been married for over thirty years and has three beautiful children.

Bill Orender

Bill has been helping people grow professionally and personally for over 42 years. He made a decision to leave his positions in the corporate world and has since now built his own team that consists of thousands of leaders and employees. They have produced and managed billions of dollars in assets. He has also an author and has even published a book that has sold over a million copies. He is heavily involved with his community and is a world renowned speaker. He has impacted millions of people and helped develop thousands of leaders.

Dan Pontefract

Dan has led the company TELUS, an Organizational Culture Change firm, to $13 billion in revenue. Formerly the Head of Learning and Collaboration, he was responsible for creating a collaborative-based leadership framework for all 43,000+ TELUS team members – which skyrocketed employee engagement from 53% to 87%. He’s an author, and has published two books: The Purpose Effect and Flat Army. He also writes for Forbes, Harvard Business Review and The Huffington Post. He’s appeared on the covers of T+D Magazine and Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and has spoken in countless keynotes and presentations, including three TEDx Talks.

Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rohrich is a world-renowned plastic surgeon, educator, and innovator. He has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons in America. He’s appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, Good Morning America, CNN and many other outlets, and has been featured in countless publications including Newsweek and the New York Times. He's performed surgery for more than thirty years and is also the former President of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

George Wells

Formerly a Mechanical Engineer for Chrysler, George is now transforming the way the financial industry does business. Black Oak Capital is his investment firm that only charges fees when their clients make money. He has been seen on Fox Business, Crain's, Wall Street Journal, The Detroit News, Detroit's Premier Business Journal, NPR, CNBC and ABC 7 WXYZ Detroit and many more outlets. George is also the host of the "Elevate Your Impact" podcast and author of the book Think Different. He is Managing Partner of FundTeq, which is a Total Asset Management Platform for financial advisors. He is also the founder of Fundmax and Versaille Capital.

Gary Zimmerman

Gary's car dealership, Twin Pine, brings in roughly $50 million per year. It was voted the “Number One Independent Car Dealership” in Dealer Magazine and was even named a “Best of the Best” company. They've been making customers happy since 1955 and have a great reputation as a family-owned business. Our guest is also very charitable and has donated considerable money through his foundation so far. He’s also involved in agriculture contracting, and invests in housing for chickens, currently co-owning over a quarter million birds that he places into chicken farm houses. He resides Pennsylvania with his family.

Linford Weaver

Linford is an owner and Vice President at Shady Maple Companies, which includes a grocery store, restaurants, an RV dealership, Houston Run Development, and Weaver Realty Investment Properties, all across Pennsylvania. With over thirty years of experience growing his business, he now manages and oversees over 800 employees. One of his restaurants, Shady Maple Smorgasbord, is the number 1 restaurant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and can serve 1,900 people at a single time. They have served 1.4 million meals in just one year and been referenced by Forbes.

Herman Shelton

Herman is a successful Real Estate Agent and community leader and has one of the most impactful stories of life restoration. Early in his life, he was told that he would amount to nothing and began taking on that identity. He started selling drugs on the streets at just 13 years old, was a part of dangerous gangs, and ultimately went to prison. After prison, he turned his life around, built a great relationship with his family, and got married. He is now making a difference in young kids and families lives through his experiences. He is proud of the decisions he made to turn his pain into purpose and find success in life.

Jaison Koshy

Jaison is passionate about building communities of people from all different walks of life. He is a world traveler and philanthropist. He has done significant work within India and is the Chairman on the Board of Directors for My Color Is Love. He is happily married with many children and is one of the most passionate speakers in the area of empowerment and transformation. He has has participated in large feeding programs for the needy, as well as the building and sustainment of orphanages, community centers, and many other outreach programs.

Drew Neal

Drew Neal is an international speaker and trainer that supports people and organizations by providing them with authentic solutions. Passionate to build the next generation of leaders with the courage to think differently, he runs GenONE in Detroit, Michigan. Having raised over 1.7 million dollars over the last few years, this nonprofit addresses fatherless outcomes in families, literacy and economic development. Drew resides in Metro Detroit with his wife and four children. His passion is to see other people activated, empowered, and released out into the world to make a difference.

John Cooke

John is a police officer in Metro Detroit where he protects and serves a large, diverse community. He has been a police officer for seven years and enjoys the day-to day-challenges of the job. Although the ultimate goal is to protect people, John very much enjoys finding new and innovative ways to serve the community better and interact with the citizens in a positive, meaningful way. He sets out to show love and kindness to others while attempting to help them during some of the most difficult and stressful times they may have ever experienced. John is a loving husband and devoted father who lives just outside of Detroit with his family.

Reuben Ellis

Reuben grew up in a family of twelve in Detroit, Michigan, in circumstances that automatically put him against the odds of creating a life full of success. Nonetheless, he studied at Indiana State University, and has taken on huge projects, roles and objectives in his career, such as leading national and global campaigns to influence leaders. Reuben is passionate about thinking differently and empowering others to expand their capacities by provoking people to go higher and further in life. He has two children and loves spending time with his family and building his local community.

Steven Torres

Steven was born in Puerto Rico under harsh living conditions. When he was 15 years old, he and his family relocated to Chicago, Illinois in search of a better life. He has grown into a respected, passionate and successful man since then and has dedicated his life to serving others. Over the course of his professional career, he has excelled as a Vision and Hearing Screener for children between one and five years old at Women Infant & Children (W.I.C), a TSA agent, and now as a Border Patrol Officer for the last 15 years.

Jibran Ahmed

Jibran is a successful serial entrepreneur. He is the Executive Director of Resurge Detroit, whose mission is to transform blighted spaces into powerful community places. His first project, Liberty Harvest, crowdfunded $65,000 in 90 days. Liberty Harvest is a an off-grid (solar-powered) greenhouse retrofitted from a recycled shipping container. The greenhouse is used to teach agricultural skills to Detroit-based youth and veterans. His latest project, Think Detroit, is a business-incubator space designed for businesses to take their ideas from napkin-sketch to market. He is also the host of the Jibs Podcast, showcasing leaders who are helping move Detroit forward.

Terry Briggs

Terry also has over 15 years in Entrepreneurship, Senior-Level Sales, Business Leadership and Business + Brand Development. He has recently worked primarily in the tech start-up sector, as a CEO and in business development, brand development, software development, sales, and many other roles. He is the author of the book Stop Making Excuses, Get Off Your Butt & Fight for Your Dreams, an extreme advocate for women's rights and empowerment, the cofounder of Partiio, a stake Holder in Jem and Adorn, founder of Success Beyond Beauty, to name a few of his life’s ventures.

Chris Lambert

Chris is a one-of-a-kind CEO of Life Remodeled, a Detroit Non-Profit Organization, and community activist. His team has raised over $21 million for the revitalization of city blocks in Detroit, Michigan, and have so far remodeled over 1,200 different blocks within the city. They have repaired 184 homes and boarded up 1,622 homes to bring safety to neighborhoods. They have also mobilized over 42,000 volunteers at events and empowered the dreams of so many around America. He is a proudly inspirational and motivating speaker and lives his life empowering others to dream and create a life of purpose.

Ashesh C Shah

Alex is ambitious, a go-getter, and makes the most out of each phase of life. He is a serial entrepreneur with a number of high-profile exits. He has over 25 years of Global Operation experience in building, integrating, and managing enterprises from concept through initial public offering. He managed a venture capital portfolio with a market capitalization in excess of $1.5 billion and invested $150 million in Indian and Brazilian private equity transactions since 2006. He also holds patents in Intellectual Property licensing, Consumer Loyalty, Couponing and Payment Technology.

Dr. Craig Bailey

Dr. Craig is a successful, renowned doctor that has started his own businesses and worked for well-respected clinics in the United States. He is a man of wisdom and has a very wild, impactful story on how he used determination and rose above the ashes of his background. He received his medical education and training in the city of Detroit and is now happily married. He is very involved in his community and feels an obligation to serve his city. He is an example that you can make your life whatever you'd like through grit, endurance, and changing your perspective and surroundings.

Jonathan Orr

Jonathan is from Detroit, Michigan and is a former American football wide receiver who played for the NFL's Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Titans. He played college football at the University of Wisconsin–Madison before being drafted in the sixth round of the 2006 NFL Draft. After a successful football career, Orr began his transition into life after athletics. Jonathan founded Athlete Transition Services (ATS) to help athletes have a successful and healthy transition into the next phase of life, which is continuously transforming the lives of thousands of students and professional athletes.

Michelle Shelton

Michelle is a respected, high-performing executive with 27 years of lucrative experience in the private and public sector, building and optimizing organizational processes to maximize business results. Her career started as the Senior Project Manager in the Mayor’s Office in the City of Detroit, then progressed to Senior Business Consultant at The Bartech Group, Executive Director at Marygrove College, Director at CareTech Solutions, and now Client Site Executive and Director at Atos and McLaren Macomb Hospital.

Denise Lyles

Denise Lyles has a very diverse professional background. She has been an accountant, worked in healthcare, and the insurance industry. Still morphing, Denise is currently the Director of the Durfee Innovation Society, a building that brings profit and non-profit business together to service students, adults and the community. They have so far repaired 184 homes and boarded up 1,622 homes to bring safety to neighborhoods in Detroit, Michigan. Her path has taken many directions, but there have always been two constants within her story: helping others and advancing people.

Dr. Sean Holland

Dr. Sean L. Holland is remarkable man that is always serving others and his community. He graduated from Florida A&M University with a Bachelors in Political Science and Public Administration. He was appointed as an Ambassador to the United Nations Economic and Social Council for helping restore hundreds of resettled refugees in Lansing, Michigan. He has worked for major corporations such as Proctor & Gamble and Federal Reserve Bank. Dr. Holland is also an experienced saxophonist and has played around the world and is also part-owner of a Jazz group named Horn & Holland (H&H).

Danielle Bailey

Danielle is a successful travel nurse in Los Angeles, California, specializing in Neurosurgery and Plastic Surgery. She is a strong, intelligent, and compassionate woman who fights the ills of the world with passion and purpose. Outside of the operating room, her artistic flair and visual abilities in the arts fuels her life. She has worked on as a set decorator/cast member extra of the movie Gifted Hands. She also spends her time volunteering in orphanages and homeless centers around the world. She has a story of redemption and is an inspiration for those looking to rise from their ashes to find success and happiness.

Stoan Harris

Stoan is a talented musician with a love for bringing life-changing experiences to others through music. He is happily married, and coaches other musicians in his community during weekend involvements. He can play countless different instruments and is a creative genius. He is very passionate about helping young people gain better perspectives and make the decisions needed to make their lives meaningful. He is dedicated to inspiring others to tap into their creative sides and turn their passions into their professions.

Daniel Budzinski

Daniel Budzinski started his first company his sophomore year of college and immediately got the bug of serial entrepreneurship. His passion is to inspire and help others live out their full potentials and discover the power of purpose in their lives. He travels and speaks at large conferences across the world and is the author of The Purpose Workbook. His work has impacted millions and he spends every minute of his days helping others. Daniel has also served on the Board of Directors of multiple local charter schools in urban Michigan cities, serving thousands of students within the K12 space.

Tommy Luong

Tommy Luong is a friend, husband, leader and influencer. Starting his life in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he has since moved to Los Angeles, California with his wife to pursue his life passions. Once arriving, he instantly rose to the top through his fashion-related endeavors. He then redirected his focus towards building communities within LA, and quickly became a leader in one of the most popular movements – bringing hope and love to people of all ages and kinds. He now spends his time helping children/youth groups and traveling the world – hosting, speaking, influencing and empowering people to go higher and deeper into their personal callings.

Leah Luong

Leah is a passionate and committed leader within her community. After leaving her hometown to move to Los Angeles, California, her and her husband are on a journey toward embracing their purpose. She is finishing her education in Health Information Management, all while being a mom, working as a family assistant, and volunteering in her local community. She is deeply dedicated to helping people become better versions of themselves, to take risks, and live their best lives today.

Dr. Cory Zieger

Dr. Zieger was been a well-known and successful Orthopedic Surgery Specialist for over 15 years. He has since retired and is pursuing many other passions of his! Cory is now a venture capitalist and business owner. He also owns a patent for a one-of-a-kind holographic weapons scope. Cory has many other passions beyond being a successful doctor, business leader and investor, such as: working out and fitness, spending time with his family, and impacting the world through his unique perspective on purpose and principles that lead to success. He is a man of diverse life experiences, and proves that it is never too late to redirect your life toward a completely different or new direction. Reach for the stars!

Magaen Harris, LPC, NCC, EAS-C

Magaen Harris, founder of C.E.O Professional Services, LLC, brings over 14 years of insight and expertise in the mental health field and corporate training. She is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Georgia and Michigan. Additionally, she is a Certified Mediator and Relationship Coach, Business Consultant, and Corporate Trainer. Magaen has a heart to help others and believes that there's plenty of room at the top for everyone. Magaen views serving her community as a privilege and is determined to make an impact by reaching one person at a time.

Ross Rossan III

Professionally, Ross Rossan III is a passionate, successful business mogul and Real Estate Agent. Ross is also constantly engaged in bringing hope, healing and purpose to those struggling with addiction. His story of using perseverance and strength to rise above his past life experiences are a constant reminder that anyone, no matter what they have faced or are facing, can turn their lives around and achieve the success they deem as significant in their lives. One of his greatest joys in life is being a husband and a father to his two children.

Elizabeth Budzinski

Lizzy is a passionate woman, always reinventing herself. She seeks to inspire others to search for their meaning and purpose. She always tries to see the beauty in everything and continues to live a life that is fun, playful and purposeful! Lizzy resides in eastern Michigan where she was born and raised. She has two daughters, Everly and Ivy, and a son named Daniel. She continues to pull out the potential and greatness in others and is dedicated to never stop learning, growing and loving other people. Lizzy's top three favorite things include coffee, chocolate and her family. She also enjoys the outdoors, doing anything active, traveling, and being with her two very large families.

Amanda Brown

Amanda is an experienced coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in non-profit organizations and the management industry. Skilled in Trauma Therapy, Operations Management, Crisis Intervention, and Fundraising, she found her passion of helping others at a young age working in AmeriCorps in New York City. She strives for bringing real change to people’s lives by providing them with the strategies needed for redirection and healing. She collaborates with schools and Juvenile Judicial Courts to bring social justice, therapy, and development to young people suffering from trauma and mental illness.

Sarita Whitcher

Sarita grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of South Carolina in 2015, then drove cross-country in hopes of building a life in Los Angeles, California. She attended the University of Southern California and obtained her Master’s degree in Social Work. Since then, Sarita has worked as a Mental Health Clinician, providing individual therapy for youth and young adults to address various barriers that affect overall well-being. Sarita also enjoys serving in her community, road-tripping with friends, and Olympic weightlifting.

Katie Reeves

Katie has over 15 years of experience in Michigan public education, serving students in Chippewa Valley Schools. She is a 2nd grade teacher and leader of the Social Emotional Learning innovation team in the community she serves. Katie has created and instructed professional development classes for K-12 teachers, social workers, and counselors in helping students reach their emotional and academic potential through Social Emotional Learning. Katie sits on the board of directors for the Social Emotional Learning Alliance for Michigan, spreading awareness for SEL and its impact on student growth.

Rodney Walker

Rodney Walker is an American author, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker. He is the bestselling author of A New Day One, and is most known for his work in trauma-informed education. His award-winning keynote The Power of Resilience: From 12 Foster Homes to Harvard University, has received acclamation by school districts across the nation. A Chicago native, he has a Bachelors degree from Morehouse College and graduate degrees from Harvard and Yale University. Given the obstacles placed before him as a foster child, Rodney struggled academically and socially in school. In his early years of elementary school, he was diagnosed with autism, placed in special education, repeated the fourth grade due to poor academic performance, and finished his freshman of high school with a sub-1.5 GPA. After joining a youth mentoring program in his senior year of high school, Rodney was able to deal with life struggles that had restrained him. During this period, he also joined a youth entrepreneurship program for high school students. It was here that Rodney became motivated and inspired to start his first business.

Lauren Klos

Karen Budzinski

Karen Budzinski began challenging women to strengthen relationships soon after she married her husband, Gary, in November 1981. She did not realize at that time that her life work would be dedicated to helping others build better relationships. Over the years, Karen has served others in a variety of capacities, teaching and leading all age groups from birth to seniors. She shares her passion to help others live victorious lives by teaching, speaking, and leading groups both in the United States and abroad. The How to Build an Enduring Marriage class is taught in her home several times a year. Karen and Gary reside in Michigan. Their family has grown to include five adult children, their spouses, and three granddaughters.

Susan Pierce Thompson

Susan dropped out of high school after getting caught with drugs and alcohol. She got clean at age 20, and has been 100% clean for over twenty years. However, she has struggled with her weight throughout her life and has devoted her life to helping others manage their own. She receieved her PhD and developed the Bright Line Eating community – which started as an email list that became wildly popular very quickly. Today, Bright Line Eating boasts 226,000 program subscribers across 63 countries.

Dee Ann Turner

Dee Ann is the CEO of Dee Ann Turner, LLC, which speaks and consults to audiences around the world to help them understand how to leverage talent and culture to create legendary customer experience in business. She is also the former Vice President of Enterprise Social Responsibility of Chick-fil-A, and an acclaimed author and speaker. She’s been recognized on Fox & Friends, Forbes, TwoTen Magazine, Huffington Post Business, Atlanta Business Chronicle,, and more. She and her family reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

Eddie Weeks

Eddie is a history enthusiast, a youth soccer coach and a major sports lover. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Mass Communication from Arizona State University. Eddie has been teaching History for the past four years and was awarded Professor of the Year in 2019. A true Floridian, when Eddie is not in the classroom, he can be found with toes in the sand, at his favorite beaches or with friends on the local golf course.

Shakuanda Holt

Shakuanda Holt is a School Psychologist for students in grades PK-12 at the School District of Osceola County, Florida where she develops strong relationships while also advocating for students’ needs. With over 18 years of experience, Shakuanda’s practice extends beyond the traditional roles of a School Psychologist by including her love of art and connecting with others. Shakuanda consults and collaborates with team members regularly to provide schools with the academic, behavioral, emotional, and social intervention support needed for student improvement. Her services also include art therapy based group counseling, individual counseling, student focus groups, mentoring, and team building activities.

Carianely Caballero

Cari is a second-year Business Education Professor and NAF Academy of IT Coordinator at Kid’s Community College Preparatory High School. She loves to lead, inspire, and use creative outlets to allow minds to grow! As the Bus Ed professor, Cari helps our graduating Seniors focus on College and Career Readiness through resumé building and industry certifications. As NAF Coordinator, she helps all scholars get an inside look to various fields of IT from Web Design to Computer Networking. create college/career expos, work on portfolio building through culminating projects, mock interviews, and job shadowing, and have different industry officials host internships to build their talent pipeline through work-based learning.

Walkira De Jesus, MS. Ed. PD.

Walkiria De Jesus is a licensed School Psychologist with 10 years of experience. She applies her expertise in mental health, learning, and behavior, to help children and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. As a school psychologist, Walkiria partners with families, teachers, school administrators, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments that strengthen connections between home, school, and the community. Walkiria De Jesus earned her Advanced Diploma in School Psychology and a Master degree in Education from Fordham University in New York City. She worked in the New York City Board of Education for five years before relocating her practice to the state of Florida. Walkiria De Jesus currently works with the Osceola County School District.

Toni Rapinesi

Antonia (Toni) Rapinesi is the Supervisor of Social Services for a Florida school district. She studied Social Work at Adelphi University, as well as Human Relations at St. Joseph's College. Toni is trained to address the social and emotional issues that can block students' academic progress. Through counseling, crisis prevention and intervention activities, she helps young people overcome the difficulties in their lives and, as a result, give them a better chance at succeeding in school.

Sheri Weretka

Sheri Weretka is the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) and Bullying Prevention Specialist for the School District of Osceola County. Sheri has been involved in bullying prevention for over 15 years. Her team worked to create a district policy as well as strategies that are implemented at every K - 12 school focusing on reducing bullying behavior. Teaching positive behaviors is a passion for Sheri and she works diligently to train teachers and administrators in the importance of positive school community as well as positive classroom community.

Jessica Isham

Jessica is a School Social Worker, blending her passions and experience into one unique role: serving students in alleviating barriers for academic success. She received her Master's Degree in Social Work from Florida State University. In the past, Jessica has worked as an Adoption Case Manager Intern, a Victim Advocate Intern, an Assistant at a law firm, and as an Employment Consultant for adults with developmental disabilities. For about two years, she worked with an NGO in Tanzania, which focused on education and housing needs for vulnerable children.

John Pugno

John Pugno is passionate about uplifting people through educating and mentoring and starting and running small businesses. He began his career in Business in Mexico City, 2000, and after four years of corporate life, he decided to move to a small organic farm where he spent two years learning to live off-grid. In 2006, He returned to Mexico City and began a career as an educator at Alliant International University, while also working on renewable energy projects with Ford Motor Company and the United Nations at the same time. Three years later, John returned home to Michigan with his wife and two small children. He immediately started another clean energy company and begin writing curriculum and teaching clean energy solutions to youth and adults. In 2014, John and a group of friends launched a community center in Detroit, MI, and began mentoring the youth through the Better Detroit Youth Movement. John continues to follow his passion of uplifting people, especially the youth, through taking action in the community and through education.

Jalem Robinson

Jalem Robinson is an educator, community enthusiast, mentor, and youth advocate trained in English education, Educational Leadership, Religion and Philosophy, and Youth programs and services. He has worked in education and childcare for over nine years. His experience ranges from working as a classroom teacher to supervising a public school after-school program. In addition to his work in education, he has served as a family service worker, partnering with child-care facilities, centers and community organizations to ensure children have free access to early learning before head start and kindergarten. He is committed to education, leadership, empowerment and community development.

Marla Weber

Marla Weber began her career teaching in 1981 for the Wichita Public Schools. In 1984, she became the first woman high school band director to be hired in Wichita. After 9 years, she moved to Goddard Public Schools and has been there ever since. She has worked with many students grades 5 through 12 over her 38 years of her career. One aspect of her teaching that has always been important around life skills and helping teens through their formative years. It was a natural move for her to continue teaching social and emotional learning at the Goddard Academy.

Cleao Martin

Cleao is a dedicated high-school Mathematics teacher from Florida with a fruitful work history. Cleao earned a Master of Science in Engineering from Tuskegee University and worked as an Engineer for the U.S. Army CCDC Army Research Laboratory. She also worked as a tap, ballet, hip hop, and modern Dance Instructor before transitioning into her role as a high-school teacher. She was awarded Teacher of the Year in May 2018 and is passionate about helping children develop into well-rounded individuals.

Brian Gee

Brian is currently the Principal at Goddard Academy, Lakeside Academy, and the Goddard Virtual Program. He has been an administrator for 15 years, during which he has been in rural, inter-city, and suburban school districts. He has served as an Assistant Principal, Athletic Director and Principal during his tenure as an administrator. As a building Principal in a rural district, he had the opportunity to go through an NCA accreditation review. In his current position, he had the opportunity to see an accreditation visit. He has served in leadership roles in Kansas Association of Secondary School Principals and currently serves on the Evaluations Review Committee for Kansas Department of Education. Brian is married to my wife Kasey and has four wonderful kids (Quentin, Braxton, Brooks and Brynlee). As a family, they enjoy spending time with each other and watching sporting events.

Gigi Salce

Gigi Salce has worked as a mental health counselor, dependency case manager and social worker. Currently she is the Lead Family Coordinator for Wraparound Osceola, a mental health grant with the School District Osceola County. She has worked in child welfare for the last 17 years, with children in care and within various community organizations. She is a wife and mother of two children; her passion is working with children and their families, and volunteering to help the less fortunate.

Christina McGee

Christina McGee, is a school social worker, crisis team leader, youth advocate, and a mental health facilitator. She graduated with her Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work at Southeastern University. She has worked in child welfare and social work services for 13 years. Her experience ranges from trauma-informed care, foster care, adoptions, mental health, victim advocacy, prevention services, therapeutic interventions, mentoring, social justice, and leadership roles. She has a heart of compassion to serve vulnerable children and her community.

Shayma Mustafa

Shayma Mustafa is a teacher, author, mother of five children, and a self-declared bibliophile. She graduated from Wayne State University earning her Master's degree in Educational Leadership & Administration and is currently working toward earning a Doctor of Education from Grand Canyon University, making her a SUPER geek. Shayma lives in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, where she currently works from home and enjoys watching episodes of Shark Tank. When she's not busy with everyday life, Shayma finds happiness in the simple pleasures of coffee and shiplap!

Elijah Proge

Elijah Proge is a 23-year old recent graduate with a Masters in Social Work, with a concentration in Interpersonal Practice and a speciality in Cognitive Behavior Therapy. He has spent the last two years interning for Courthouses that offer diversion programs to at-risk youth. It is his belief that everyone deserves a second chance and equality. He will continue to fight for social justice and equity for all, until we achieve it!

Sarah Seifert

Sarah's passion in this world is to offer the opportunity to instill a life of worth and meaning for those who have lost their own along the way. This motivation and drive has led her to completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at Eastern Michigan University and continuing on to earn a Master’s Education at Wayne State University to further advance her abilities to advocate for those who have struggled to find their light. She has a huge heart that shines through whenever she has the chance to show love to others.

Jason Riley

Jason is an alumnus of the University of Michigan Social Work Program. He is originally from South Bronx, NY, but grew up in North Carolina. He is currently employed at Assured Family Services as an Assessment Specialist through the Lincoln Hall of Justice working in prevention services for youth. His area of expertise focuses on youth’s biopsychosocial development, childhood mental health disorders, and the impact of trauma amongst at-risk youth by their social environments. His goal is to reduce youth’s penetration into the justice system by providing structured programming and addressing their mental health needs. As he continues to do prevention work in the criminal justice system, he would like to integrate his efforts by working with adults through reintegration services to assist in the process of acclimating back into their communities productively and successfully.

Annette Aponte

Annette Aponte Rodriguez completed her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Salem State University in MA and then her Master’s Degree in Mental Health with a concentration in Marriage and Family therapy and a minor in School Guidance Counseling K-12 from Webster University in Orlando. Mrs. Aponte Rodriguez is currently working as a High School Professional Counselor in the Osceola County school system, which has worked in the Osceola School District for fifteen years. She has been a Mental Health Therapist for over 32 years and has worked closely with children, youth and their families in different capacities, including working with the Department of Children and families as a Case worker, as a family and individual Therapist through several Mental Health agencies, mainly working hand in hand with Park Place Behavioral Health Center. Mrs. Aponte Rodriguez also works very closely with the Youth population at her church and is an active member of a Women’s Ministry called “Levántate Mujer” which is a ministry focused in helping woman in need mainly with woman who have been abused, divorced and experiencing with Mental Health issues. Mrs. Aponte Rodriguez has been successful in being committed to her profession and always achieving her goals which is focusing and dedicating her time in helping and empowering families in need.

Dr. Joseph Flynn

Dr. Joseph Flynn is the Associate Director for Academic Affairs for the Center for Black Studies and an associate professor of Curriculum and Instruction at Northern Illinois University. He is also past-president ofthe American Association for Teaching and Curriculum. His teaching and scholarship focus on the intersection of curriculum studies, multicultural and social justice education, Whiteness Studies, and media and popular culture. In addition to his professional development work, Dr. Flynn has published scholarship related to the above topics. He has guest edited a special edition on African Americans in popular culture for The Black History Bulletin, the oldest African American themed education journal in the United States, founded by the great African American historian Carter G. Woodson. More recently, Dr. Flynn founded the three-day Social Justice Summer Camp for Educators at Northern Illinois University. Additionally, Dr. Flynn serves as an editorialist on Perspectives, a radio program on WNIJ, an NPR affiliate, and as a co-host for the podcast Mental Illness in Popular Culture. Most recently, Dr. Flynn published White Fatigue: Rethinking Resistance for Social Justice (Peter Lang, 2018), a book that considers the critical question of why is it challenge to teach White students about race? The book has been awarded the O.L. Davis, Jr. Outstanding Book Award from the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum. In his free time he enjoys watching and discussing great movies, television, and music; stimulating discussions with friends; spending time with family, cooking, and a vigorous game of FIFA.

Scott Steenbergh

Mr. Steenbergh has been employed in the healthcare field since early 2012 and has held various roles in several health systems ranging from Direct Care to Population Health Management and Managed Care Utilization. He completed his under and post-graduate degrees from Wayne State University, and has continued education with the Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center in the treatment of nicotine and tobacco use as a certified tobacco/nicotine treatment specialist. He is employed as Adjunct Faculty at Oakland Community College in the Social Sciences department teaching courses on mental health and social work. Scott helps oversee and facilitate the adolescent substance use programming at River's Bend PC in Troy, MI . He is contracted with the American Association of Addiction Psychiatry as a recovery subject matter expert and helps the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration with grantee technical assistance requests. Scott is passionate about helping people and families to find and sustain recovery. He also presents to school counselors, probation officers, judges and community groups about the current needs/behaviors of adolescents.

Lisa Papiez

Lisa Papiez is a Licensed Professional Counselor working in a private practice setting. Lisa works with a diverse population of clients with a concentration in helping teens and young adults. Lisa has a passion for helping her clients thrive by developing the tools needed for self acceptance and empowerment. Graduating from Oakland University with her Masters degree in Counseling and Bachelors degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice, Lisa has been in the counseling field for over 10 years.

Andrew Saldino

Andrew grew up in San Diego before venturing off to the University of Notre Dame to study Philosophy, Theology, and Literature in a Great Books Program. Upon graduation, he taught high school as a Mercy Corps volunteer on the Navajo Reservation, and then returned to school to get a PhD in Philosophy of Religion from Syracuse University. He worked as a Lecturer at Clemson University and an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Lees-McRae College in beautiful Boone, NC. While in Boone, he created the most ecologically progressive subdivision in the region and then went on to pursue an AMI Montessori Adolescent training. Andrew uses academics as a vehicle for personal growth by the students: “I am a life coach for adolescents, and school is the container for the project of developing human beings towards their potential. Setting high academic standards comes easily because achievement in academia is ingrained in my bones. Beyond that objective, however, lies the realm of what really matters–life’s higher aims. My deeper purpose as a teacher will always be to awaken this pursuit of a beautiful life in my students. My best moments as a teacher involve helping students work through the issues that hold the keys to their development as stable, balanced, and fulfilled human beings.”

Mini Purpose Experts & Educators


Isaiah has a smile that can brighten your day in seconds! He always looks for ways he can pitch in and make a situation better. He loves playing video games, swimming, camping, riding bikes, and hanging with his large family and friends! He is very creative and can draw any of the Marvel characters to perfection. Isaiah has had to face many challenges in his life since birth – having been close to death at one point, Isaiah remained strong and lived to be adopted after months of neglect. His adoption has helped him live with a heart full of gratitude and love for himself and others. He understands that life is a gift and that the people in it are what matter most and is full of grace and consideration.


Landon is a bright and enthusiastic young man. He knows everything you’ll ever need to know about comics and loves sharing his knowledge with others. You can see and feel Landon’s positivity and compassion from a mile away. He is generous and always willing to help those in need. He is the one making everyone laugh. Since he was little, he has always moved crowds with inspirational speeches, jokes, plays and songs! He loves to read and spend time with his family and friends. Landon is the best big brother to his younger sibling Weston. They enjoy the outdoors, camping, riding bikes and swimming! If you need a good laugh, just ask Landon.


Sarah is one of the sweetest souls you will ever meet. She is naturally shy, but once you get to know her, she is hilarious and witty! She loves to cook and create special recipes in the kitchen to share with others. She loves to make the people feel special and cared for, whether she is buying a gift or giving up something she has to give to someone else! She is beyond generous with her time and her hard-earned money. She looks for ways to give by finding opportunities to celebrate others. Sarah was adopted at birth and has a beautiful heart. Don’t mistake her sweetness for weakness; Sarah is fiercely loyal and someone you want in your corner for life!


Jazmine is truly a gem – beautiful inside and out. The quote, “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure” describes her life well. She has not had the easiest life; being in foster care at a young age for many years and with several families, Jazz has stood strong and believed in herself and her future. Adopted at the age of 12, she now lives with her forever family of three brothers and five sisters! She loves taking care of her nieces and nephews and serving in her school and community. She is a born leader and succeeds in her academics and sports. Jazz is the first one to give you a compliment and see the good in you. She is determined and believes all things are possible!



Everly is an unstoppable force against negative emotions and such a happy and friendly girl. She is detailed, strong-willed, and has a lot to say. She’s wise beyond her years and loves making friends with everybody. Everly is changing the world by being the best version of herself.


Angel is a dynamic leader in his community. Because of the things that Angel has gone through and his willingness to talk about it, he is making a profound impact on his friends and those that need it most. HE loves sharing his story, teaching others, and being a leader in his local school. He is involved in his community and making sure to help others embrace their past while telling their story.





Alivia is one of the most fun and goofy people you’ll ever meet. She loves to giggle, laugh, and play games. Most of all, she has one of the biggest hearts out there. She is extravagant when it comes to her thughfultnvss and she believes in sharing, caring, and helping everybody create positive emotions in their life.


Tessa may not be loud, but she has a big personality. She’s thoughtful, intuitive, and very intuitive. Everybody notices that Tessa cares about other people finding their purpose and being happy in life. She loves spending time with her mom and dad and brother and sisters, and hanging out with her cousins and friends. She’s always ready to play and loves drawing, and doing crafts.


Cora is an energetic and born-leader. She loves hanging out with her fanily and helping those in need and is passionate about learning and teaching others. One thing you'll notice immediately when you meet Cora is her genuine happiness and desire to include everyone around her to have fun and be happy. She's changing the world one smile at a time.