Youth Mental Health: Grades 6-12 SEL Curriculum

Youth Mental Health: Grades 6-12 SEL Curriculum

Welcome to Purpose Prep’s Youth Mental Health curriculum designed to help students in Grades 6-12 define and understand emotions and behaviors, as well as build the confidence to make positive healthy life choices. Purpose Prep recognizes the nationwide need for Mental Health Education and has developed a comprehensive curriculum with hundreds of instructional mental health lessons. Our mission is to give learners the self-awareness, strategies, and resources they need through dynamic mental health education, while fulfilling requirements for state-mandated instruction.

Purpose Prep’s Youth Mental Health courses contain unique Lesson Plans for each instructional activity, Learner & Facilitator Discussion Questions, and Facilitation Guide worksheets. Please see below for examples of these resources. As with all of Purpose Prep’s courses, each lesson contains engaging instructional media and can be flexibly implemented and delivered either synchronously or asynchronously, online, in-person, or as customized blended-learning experiences. Teachers, counselors, caretakers, and other educators can deliver the Mental Health curriculum one-on-one or in groups. Each module is aligned to core social emotional learning (SEL) competencies outlined by CASEL and designed to provide students with the tools to build and maintain mental health and wellness.

Lessons feature a diverse group of leaders—experienced counselors, therapists, social workers, educators, and medical professionals—who draw upon their experiences and expertise to help students understand and overcome the mental-health challenges they face every day. These individuals bring learning to life through personal conversations and real-world examples. Purpose Prep’s Youth Mental Health curriculum is offered at each grade from grades 6-12 and supports students by building knowledge and skills that are appropriate for their current grade.

To learn how Purpose Prep’s Youth Mental Health aligns to your state requirements, or to view the description of the materials and resources utilized to deliver instruction, please contact us.

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Youth Mental Health Content Overview

Purpose Prep creates unique curriculum scopes and sequences for Youth Mental Health requirements. Please view below for a sample curriculum outline for students in 10th grade.

Overcome Identity Issues

  • Defining Identity
  • Different Identity Issues
  • Redefine Your Identity Foundation
  • You Are Not What You Do
  • Acknowledge and Embrace All of You

Social and Emotional Health

  • Human Boundaries
  • Emotional Pain, Loss & Stress
  • Command Your Temper

Healthy Relationships

  • Relationship Skills
  • Communication Matters
  • Embracing Society
  • Meaningful Relationships
  • The Dream Team

Awareness of Resources

  • Meditation
  • Social Awareness
  • Daily Affirmation Statement
  • Find Peace Through Stillness
  • Finding Solutions in Stillness

Suicide Prevention

  • Swearing and Degrading Words
  • The Daily Forgiveness, Thankfulness & Confidence Exercise
  • Death of a Loved One
  • Pornography and Guilt
  • Overcoming Traumatic Memories

Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Vaping and JUULing
  • Face Your Emotions
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Coping with Grief, Loss and Shame
  • Transactional vs. Transformational Mentorship

Keeping Yourself Safe

  • Setting Realistic Boundaries
  • Practice Examples of Self-Esteem
  • Communication with Your Friends

Youth Mental Health Resources & Strategies

Purpose Prep empowers Facilitators and Learners through unique lesson plans, Facilitation & Learner Discussion Questions, Learner Discussion Worksheets, and Facilitation Guide worksheets. These resources and strategies are critical to help staff and learners take responsibility for their development and empower positive change in their students.

  • Lesson Plan Training & Teacher Routines Guide: A comprehensive resource to help deliver Purpose Prep lessons effectively and confidently. This resource provides extra support and/or guides substitute teachers or staff members whom were unable to attend the Purpose Prep Professional Development training(s). While teachers are encouraged to deliver instruction in whichever way they are most comfortable, this guide contains example scripts and techniques for teachers to follow or use as inspiration.
  • The Facilitator Discussion Worksheet: Frames the instruction of each lesson and facilitate student development through relevant discussion questions. This guide helps teachers create the framework for meaningful conversation in the classroom. These questions can prompted aloud in the classroom, as well as be posted through the online learning portal. Please view several examples from our Florida Youth Mental Health alignment for Grade 10.
  • Facilitator Worksheets: Reinforces the discussion questions for each lesson and provides space for the Facilitator to record critical notes. This improves the quality of the learning experience and helps teachers grow in their Facilitation skills.
  • Learner Worksheets: Similar to the Facilitator Worksheet, this resource reinforces the discussion questions for each lesson and provides space for the Learner to reflect and develop. This increases student engagement and provides additional strategies to enhance the learning experience.

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