Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

An evidence-based, media-rich, and comprehensive PreK-12 solution designed to create whole humans and help students find their purpose.

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Purpose Prep is on a mission to transform every school, student, and teacher worldwide.

Together, we’re pioneering a movement within classrooms by infusing SEL into the fabric of learning. Our 12 Pillar Model, designed by experts to effectively develop students into whole humans, sets us apart from other SEL-content providers and is the foundation in which our courses are built upon.

Taught by over 80+ Content Experts, Mental Health Professionals, Educators, & Global Leaders coming from all walks of life and using the power of purpose to remake our world, students can easily identify with and learn from our Purpose Experts and Educators. We consider our educators the facilitators of meaningful conversations and provide them with the resources and support needed to create a safe place for students to engage and express themselves, build relationships with and among students, and make SEL effectively come alive.

Quick Facts: The Power of Purpose

  • Approved and/or delivered by mental health professionals
  • Video based & multi-media rich
  • Researched based & relevant curriculum
  • Modern & engaging student-centric content
  • Turnkey SEL solution & simple teacher delivery
  • Highly adaptable based on delivery needs
  • 1,000+ hours of differentiated instruction
  • 4,000+ prepackaged discussion questions
  • 60+ dynamic topical Intervention library
  • 600+ engaging instructional videos
  • Facilitator Training Guides and Worksheets
  • Detailed lesson plans for each instructional video

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All of our content is flexible and easily customizable to meet each individual student and school district where it is needed in order to make the greatest impact.

Elementary School PreK-5th Grade SEL Curriculum: Kindly Learning

Kindly Learning introduces the basic emotions and establishes a strong foundation for managing them. Our moods and feelings impact our abilities to make good decisions, establish relationships, and affect how we treat ourselves and others. Teaching the basics of emotions to elementary-aged students sets them up to be able to process and navigate their emotions as they become more prominent and complex with age.

Upon completing the courses, students will be able to understand what they feel, identify why they feel it, and manage themselves through the process of changing their emotions.

Learn more about our Elementary SEL Curriculum

Middle School 6-8th Grade SEL Curriculum

Purpose Prep’s 6-8 curriculum focuses on personal development, character and leadership development, and teaching students how to find his or her unique purpose. Personal development is a vital part of growth, maturity, success, and happiness. Building the foundations of emotional, physical, intellectual, social and overall health in middle school sets students up to be better equipped to take control of their futures and achieve their highest potentials as they continue to grow. Upon completing the courses, students will know how to:

  • Build a valuable record of their goals, dreams, skills, interests and values.
  • Develop the skills necessary to make informed and responsible decisions.
  • Live with intention and experience more happiness and fulfillment in life.
  • Hone their individual leadership styles.
  • Develop personal qualities that will enhance their abilities to grow and sustain healthy relationships.
  • Begin to understand the value of making memories, having adventures, and creating meaningful experiences.
  • Investigate his or her personal “why,” and identify the person he or she wants to become.
  • Understand the importance of helping others and the connection between internal thoughts and external communication.
  • And much more…

Learn more about our Middle School SEL Curriculum

High School 9-12th Grade SEL Curriculum

The Purpose Prep 9-12 curriculum focuses on developing healthy social and emotional skills, mental health and wellness, and readiness for life beyond high school. As students begin to near adulthood, they will receive the tools and resources necessary to strengthen their social capacities and emotional intelligence (EQ). The 9-12 curriculum and activities equip students to be able to:

  • Manage their emotions and balance them with a meaningful and vibrant social life.
  • Be better able to identify, cope with, and overcome adversity and trauma.
  • Understand the consequences of substance use and abuse.
  • Empathize with others and create supportive, long-lasting relationships.
  • Reflect on circumstances and available solutions.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and outlook on life.
  • Build a framework for citizenship, embrace the value of diversity, and appropriately use their voices to fight injustices.
  • Navigate their paths for life after high school with informed decision-making and high capacities to succeed.
  • And much more…

Learn more about our High School SEL Curriculum

Intervention on Purpose: 6-12th Grade Topical Intervention Library

The Purpose Prep Intervention on Purpose library is designed to help students overcome specific pains, problems, and disciplinary needs in order to continue moving towards their purpose. Students and/or educators are able to choose from over 60 modules that teaches strategies for redirection and restoration specific to the obstacle at hand. These mini courses are great for In School Suspension, Alternative Education, or to simply provide students with more directed assistance. Investing in students’ abilities to overcome and learn from their negative choices or life circumstances is also investing in the future compassion of the world.

    • Relevant, topical, and engaging content
    • Tranform punitive practices to restorative practices
    • Just-in-time Juvenile Justice solution
    • Utilized for prevention and intervention
    • Scale up social worker and counselor impact
    • Prescriptive ISS, OSS, and behavioral referral support curriculum

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Preview Example Courses & Videos

Learn more about our courses below and click to preview an example lesson video.

Purpose Prep Kindly Learning

In our PreK-5 offering, Purpose Students become Purpose Leaders and help young peers understand and manage their basic emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, happiness, love, and peace.

Personal Development

Practical insights, stories, discussion questions, and activities to enhance self-awareness, boost self-esteem, develop motivation to overcome personal challenges, and to increase students’ success.

Character & Leadership Development

Students become difference makers by honing their personal leadership styles, developing personal qualities that help grow healthy relationships, and building their individual identities, passions, and desires.

Unlock Your Purpose

Students unearth their purposes or “why” in life by discovering their motivating beliefs and values, which enhances self-awareness, personal resilience, and self-esteem.

Social & Emotional Success

Strengthen students’ emotional intelligence (EQ) and empower them to manage their emotions, empathize with others, create long-lasting relationships, overcome barries, and cope with trauma, abuse, and drugs.

Mental Health & Wellness

Students build their self-management tool kits used to improve their well-being and develop strategies for resiliency in the face of life challenges. This enables them to build meaningful and fulfilling lives.

College & Career Readiness

Students discover many educational and vocational opportunities; identify what best fits their unique interests, skills, and goals; and prepare for college, career, and life.

Intervention on Purpose

60+ impactful intervention and prevention topics perfect for out-of-school suspension (OSS), in-school suspension (ISS), alternative education/schools, students with specific needs, high-risk population students, or moments that immediately require behavioral intervention.

Intro to Today’s Technology

Helps 21st-century learners understand emerging technologies, how this impacts education and their future, and how to find a job in the world and this rapidly changing industry.

Content Standard Aligned

Our courses were developed in alignment to both national and state standards, best practices, and evidence-based models. In particular, the Purpose Prep content aligns with:

  • ASCA: American School Counselor Association
  • RTI: Response to Intervention
  • PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports
  • MTSS: Multi-Tiered System of Supports – Tier 1 and 2
  • NHES: National Health Education Standards
  • WSCC: Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child
  • Trauma-Informed Instruction
  • ACEs Scores: Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Restorative Practices and Restorative Justice Principles
  • CDC: Characteristics of an Effective Health Education Curriculum

Discover Purpose Prep’s Additional SEL Curriculum

Purpose Prep offers hundreds of hours of additional instructional curriculum for social emotional learning. Please view our other offerings below and contact us with any questions.

  • Elementary SEL Curriculum: Purpose Pathways PreK-2 and Grades 3-5 SEL program, K-5 New York Alignments, K-5 Florida Youth Mental Health Courses, and other K-5 state-specific mandates
  • Middle School Grades 6-8 SEL Curriculum: View Purpose Prep’s 1,000+ hours of core SEL instruction, focusing on advanced emotions
  • High School Grades 9-12 SEL Curriculum: View Purpose Prep’s 1,000+ hours of core SEL instruction, focusing on complex emotions
  • Intervention on Purpose Library: 235 hours of targeted mini-courses for intervention and prevention instruction perfect for In-School Suspension (ISS), Out-of-School Suspension (OSS), and Alternative Education. Our 63+ topical interventions include Suicide Prevention & Education, Substance Abuse, Vaping & JUULing, and Restorative Practices, and more.
  • Staying Safe K-12: Grade-level courses aligned to SEL competencies and contains instruction on the five Erin’s Law Safety Rules and five Protection Concepts
  • Youth Mental Health: Hundreds of lessons in our CASEL and state-aligned mental health curriculum for grades K-12
  • Professional Development: 45+ Professional Development trainings from program design and launch, to staff and student support, and program optimization
  • Pioneer Purpose: Adult SEL Certification Training Program for educational leaders, staff, teachers, and adults
  • Coming Fall 2020, three new courses: Climate & Culture Transformation, Restorative Practices & Principles, and Trauma-Informed Living